Monday, March 05, 2007

Farewell OC

I'm suffering from post-OC finale depression. It's very very very bad and I'm terribly upset. I know not alot of people are fans of this show. Not to mention avid crazy obsessed deranged ones like yours truly.

I miss the trademark Cohen humor.

I miss Seth's geeky-but-oh-so-endearing antics.

I miss Sandy's wits.

I miss Seth and Ryan's sarcastic exchanges.

I miss Seth and Summer's hilarious banters.

I miss the weird but sweet combination of Ryan and Taylor.

I miss the more-neurotic-than-me Taylor Townsend.

I miss Ryan Atwood's brooding eyes.

I miss the pretty clothes on Summer, Kaitlin and Taylor (and not forgetting the
show's very own fashionista Marissa).

I miss bagels with cream cheese.

I miss the diner.

I miss the black Range Rover.

I miss the pool house.

I miss the calming presence of Kirsten.

I miss the Sandy being the panacea.

I miss Julie Cooper and her out-of-this-world behavior.

I miss the Bait Shop.

I miss the lighthouse by the beach.

I miss Pancakes! (awww)

Yes I can go on forever. Why are there only 16 episodes for Season Four!? And why isn't there going to be a Season Five!!! Groans. I do not care if ratings are dropping in the US, you can't just terminate a show just like that. There's social responsibility to consider. Especially after you have been in my life for the past four years, you can't just leave like that :( :( :(

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