Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When I was about the height of my dad's knees, fairytales were my obsession.

Come to think of it, I never really was a fan of Barbie dolls or other pretty girly toys (even though I had a gigantic Barbie dollhouse that other girls would die for... HAH!).

Anyway, fairytales taught me a thing or two about love. The most important being my Prince Charming riding up to me in his stunning white stallion and whisking me off to his faraway kingdom (not to mention a castle to die for) at the exact moment when I need him the most, be it 1) when I foolishly thought all apples will keep doctors away, including poisoned ones, 2) when my stepmother and sisters insist that it's my turn to do the housework (even though I clearly remember doing it the previous week), 3) when I clumsily prick my finger with a needle (what a disgrace to my mum) etc.

When I got to the height of my dad's chest, I realised that none of the above was going to come true. Firstly, no kiss is going to revive anyone who is poisoned or under a curse or in a coma (which I'll opt to switch off the life-support machine if the latter ever occurs to me *touchwood). Secondly, I've been doing housework all my life and nobody has ever rescued me from it. Thirdly, when I prick my finger all I'm told is to apply antiseptic lotion to it. Life is such a let-down.

But as always, things have a way of working out :)

Prince Charming came to me in the form of a punk brown bunny.

The white stallion is replaced by a black Lancer.

The faraway kingdom is well, 5min away from my home (we're still working on that castle).

He didn't appear when I need him the most.

In fact, he came into my life in the most unexpected manner. I was happy and carefree, enjoying my life and preoccupied with having fun. Damsel in distress? I don't think so.

He will pare apples for me, clean my room for me (yay!) and well, I guess there is no cure for my clumsiness so I can't blame anyone for pricked fingers.

Instead of rescuing me, he did so much more. He showed me how to love and be loved, how to care for someone with all your heart and how to be happier than I could ever imagine...

Happy 3 Months! :)

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