Saturday, July 15, 2006

Are you ok?

It's amazing how a simple question like this can lead to so many complicated interpretations.

To me, there are millions of reasons why he'll tell you he's ok even if he's not.

He doesn't want you to worry. He believes he'll be ok soon so there's no point in worrying you. He thinks that you won't be able to change anything even if you know he's not ok. He doesn't want to burden you... The list is endless but the starting point is the same.

However, there can only be one reason if he tells you he's not ok.

When you ask a person if he's ok... Do you really want the truth?

Can you deal with it if he tells you he's not? Will you fault yourself if you find yourself helpless in the situation?

Now you understand why he tells you he's ok when he's not.

So I say, leave it at that. If you know he's just trying to make you feel better, don't push it. Even though all of us have immense faith in our gut feelings when it comes to those who matter to us... Don't go on and on about it. Even if you sense that he's not ok and you trust that feeling more than what he tells you, leave it.

It is tiring to lie. Especially to someone you care about.

I rather ask him the question just once, leave the answer to his discretion, and accept whatever he tells me than to continue bugging him till I get the answer I supposedly want.

"Please stop asking if I'm ok... I don't want to lie anymore."

That will just break my heart.

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