Monday, March 20, 2006

(pix of the guys from eons ago)

Hanging out with the 4a guys is always fun.

Hilarious, to be exact :)

After complaining to my buddy for ages about not meeting up for so damn long, he finally felt bad enough to ask me out :) (when in actual fact I'd been busy too... perhaps even busier than him wahaha~)

SOOO we went for dinner at BLOCK 85 and cheesecake after that at THE CHEESECAKE CAFE :) :) :) No prizes for guessing who's ideas were those :P (actually I only merely suggested it but my dearest buddy decided he'll take me to both yay)

Dinner was fab as usual. Ate alot. Talked alot more. Just the usual catching up and stuff. After stuffing ourselves with bak chor mee, oyster omelette and satay, we took off to Siglap for cheesecake :)

HJ and Zhiyuan called us while we were on the way and they too decided to join us.

Friday night + TCC = long queue.

I didn't really care since I've been craving for cheesecake and hazelnut milk for so damn long. But expectedly the guys were less patient...

ZY: Eh, long queue leh. Let's go somewhere else lah. I know of this German pub that sells good food.
HJ: Whose idea was it to go for cheesecake? Must be CCL right! *looks pointedly at me
me: *smiles innocently
ZY: So how? Wanna check out the German place?
me: You just wanna go for the beer right!
ZY: No lor, it's the queue. Besides, I can't drink tonight. Driving.
HJ: Let's vote- who wants to go to the pub?
HJ and ZY raises hand.
Fishcake looks at me helplessly with hands down haha.
HJ: Wah lao yubin are you a man?!?!?
ZY: He stopped being one long time ago.
(background check: my buddy has been siding with me since sec sch days even if it means betraying the guys wahaha~)
me: Eh wait a while longer lah. I wanna eat cheesecake!!! Yubin promised!!! *looks at buddy with teary eyes hohoho~
ZY: Aiyah we can go eat cheesecake at some other place what. Let's go lah.
me: *pretend to sulk
HJ: See she's sulking already lah! *points at me. Let's just eat cheesecake lah.
me: *beams triumphantly
GUYS: *lol

Haha yup so I got my way in the end. There was a compromise though. In the form of hoegaarden white ;)

Here's another of our crappy conversations that night :)

YB: WHOA! Check out that _____ (insert model name of some cool and damn expensive automobile)!!!
GUYS: *proceed to car talk for what seems like 5832659275 light years.
me: EHHH stop speaking Greek can?!
HJ: Ok ok. Hey did you check out the MANGO sale last week? (in sissy bimbotic voice)
ZY: No lah... The Elle sale is better!!! (also in sissy bimbotic voice)
ALL: *lol

That night was one of the most fun time I've had in ages (goes to show what kinda sucky life I've been leading huh). Thanks alot guys! :)

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