Monday, March 06, 2006

My Weekend Getaway.

Despite all the work piling up and deadlines haunting my sleep (yeah right), I still had a wonderful fun-filled weekend thanks to my great friends and family :)

:: Friday ::
11am-2pm: K-Lunch with Andrea and Steven!

Haha I finally FINALLY went for ktv after pining for it for so long wahaha~ Shall not go on to describe what kind of crazy things happen when crazy people get together for ktv...!!! v_v"
2pm-8pm: Shopping with Steven and Joce!

Another crazy activity. Got rather tired towards the end from all the walking but I think I was more strained from laughing non-stop the entire day (ZARA kids will always bring a smile to my face from now on).
9pm-1am: Mahjong with Andrea, Steven and Sukee
Last crazy activity of the day :) to me it's also the HIGHLIGHT mwahahahahahahahaha~ *mad laughter of a mahjong addict

:: Saturday ::
Whole day: JB trip with family :)

Shall let the photos do the talking! Get ready to droooool people :P

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Jessica Stam as model. Images from the Fall/Winter 2005-06 BCBG Max Azria ads.