Thursday, January 26, 2006


ease or jitters. which is the one that tells you whether you have special feelings for someone?

both make equal sense to me.

to feel comfortable in front of someone you like sounds logical. you can be yourself without fretting over whether your hair is in place or if he/she can spot the number of blackheads on your nose. you can talk about anything and everything with no reservations on how he/she may judge you... cuz you just know they won't. you can share the level of comfort that other couples spent ages to achieve almost immediately. does this tell you that something special is happening?

however, there is that other type of jittery nervousness that you feel in the presence of a certain someone. we've all seen it in the movies before. the world closes in on the both of you... and suddenly, it seems like everything has been blocked out and nothing else matters except being in each other's company. it feels like if you concentrate real hard... you can actually see the sparks flying out from the positive tension between the two of you. haha drama-rama. simply put, when you're with that person, every ounce of feeling is intensified and everything escalates.

the point is, which is a better measure? or is there even such a thing in the first place?

i feel that shyness towards someone you have feelings for is inevitable... but it seems to apply more to infatuations. at least for me, that special someone should be the one that puts you at ease. you should be able to free your inhibitions in their presence. not completely of course, since i doubt it's possible in any case, but to a relatively large extent. it just doesn't feel right to me to simply feel the sparks but not the comfort of revealing your true self... maybe cuz there'll be a lack in depth? -shrugs- what do you think?

perhaps the best measure would be a delicate balance between the two... and not forgetting the unexplicable knowing in your heart :)

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