Saturday, January 14, 2006


this is one of the better movies i've seen in awhile. it's sweet and a lil touching... and definitely belongs to the feel-good-movies category :)

for those who haven't watched it yet but are going to... you better skip this entry cuz there're spoilers ahead! haha.

kirsten dunst said something in the movie which made alot of sense. actually it's something that i understood long ago... just that it sounds better onscreen lol :P

she said sadness is a form of surrender. i couldn't agree more. it's just so easy to feel sad. about anything. what's tough is how you're going to overcome your setbacks and move on. it is tough... but i didn't say it's not possible :) so the next time you catch yourself feeling upset... give yourself 5 minutes to wallow in self-pity or whatever negative emotions you happen to be in and then let go of your sadness!!! and if that doesn't work call me and i'll try to cheer you up myself :) :) :)

my favourite part of the movie is when orlando bloom sets off on his road trip thanks to kirsten dunst's brilliant idea and her super sweet handmade scrapbook-like map!!! it's like so so so thoughtful with maps and photos and messages and cds for him to listen to at specific locations etc and everything is just so well-planned out it's simply too wonderful!!! i want one too! haha i think romantic comedies make me dreamy and silly and wanna fall in love :P

anyway kirsten dunst mentioned that everyone should take a road trip alone at least once in their lives... well if that's true it means i've to first get my driving licence :P but i guess what's she trying to say is that it won't just be a simple road trip you'll be going on... but a road to self-discovery which is essential for everyone. it doesn't necessarily have to come in the form of a road trip (although i feel it's definitely one of the nicest way of doing it) but it has got to happen at least once in your life. if not, how do you live the life you want without understanding yourself? :)

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