Monday, January 16, 2006

1, 2, down, UP!

GO KR~~~!!!

"Come on, you gotta SHAKE MORE!!! Pretend you're some chiongster!" "Yes!!! Shake that butt!!! SHAKE IT!!!"

welcome to BBC (Bimbo Boot Camp)... where we're given a 2-months crash course to bimbotism :)

#1: Bimbos are not afraid of heights. We do not know the dangers of the stunts. We were too busy fussing over our hair and whatnots when the instructors were briefing us.
#2: Bimbos are not scared of falling either. We have absolute faith in our trusty bases. -nod in unison- They are superman! They will catch us no matter what. Even when our faces are 5cm away from self-mutilation (aka the ground), they will catch us -chant "THEY WILL CATCH US" with conviction-
#3: Bimbos can shake and twist and contort their bodies in unimaginable positions as if each and every joint in their body has been dislocated. It's just the way we're born. -shrug nonchalantly-
#4: Bimbos have only one expression on their faces: BRIGHT SMILES :D -flash bright smiles in unison as proof-
#5: The cheerleading uniform is considered to be of utmost importance and is the pride and joy of every self-respecting cheerleader. Each strand of the garment is custom tailor-made and fits us perfectly. Which means you can find out our vital stats if you get hold of our uniforms mwahahaha~ :P

on a more serious note, cheerleading has turned out to mean alot more to me than i expected. to think that i went for try-outs for fun *shakes head. don't get me wrong, it is still fun... but there's alot more to cheerleading than just fun.

i can still remember how it all started. the list they put up in the lift with the names of those who made it into the squad. and of course nihara's wonderful work. she highlighted my name in yellow (quote nihara: well, it IS your favourite colour!!!). haha ok but to be fair almost everyone had already started laughing at me before she highlighted it.

why did i join cheerleading? nihara believed that it was cuz i had a sick fetish for being thrown and tossed around by guys (but i think she was associating me to herself *oops). it's funny, really. those who don't know me well cannot imagine me cheerleading. but those who do can totally picture it. haha i guess i save my craziness for an exclusive bunch only ;) (now everyone feels exclusive... isn't that grrreat???) LOL :)

i guess i joined the squad in spontaneity and in the spirit of fun. no special reason whatsoever. maybe it just appealed to me. or maybe it's the post-Bring It On effect. no point finding out why... what matters is that i'm enjoying it now right? :)

from the last i've heard, IHG closing is on 8 Feb. which is the day of our official debut!!! haha. time is running out. the routine is not polished... there's still so many things that we need to work on... but one thing's for sure. we really wanna perform with a bang :) we're KR's first cheerleading squad for goodness sake. haha step always joke about our photos being hung up in the archives room lol. right now we're only concerned about proving ourselves to the hall. we've got to show them we're worth what they invested in. and of course what's most important is for the rest of KR to be proud of their cheerleaders- the KR STEPPERS!!! :) :) :)

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