Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've moved!

See you there (:

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Friday, March 30, 2007

I wake up.

I draw the blinds.

I let the rays stream in (or rather, pour in and attack me like an army of ants surrounding candy).

I played some music.

I turned up the volume.

I turned it up further.

I thought if it was loud enough, my mind will be occupied it and nothing else.

I guess it doesn't work this way.

Be strong, I told myself.

Be strong.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

To date

I've figured out the crux of why I love helping people plan dates.

It's amazing how words have so many diverse meanings to different people. Romantic, cosy, sweet, casual, formal, over-the-top and even (or especially) perfect.

The part I love about planning dates is the post-date, when the guy comes back with raving reviews of the places and food and things or whatever else they did on the date. How the date went exactly the way he had in mind. How his date absolutely adored everything.

What can feel better than helping people transform their desired dates into reality? From describing in wild circles his dream date and wallowing in desperation and exasperation as he simply does not know the whats and the hows to the real-life date.

(Of course the pampering of my ego is also very much welcome. Feel free to shower me with gifts, profuse thank-yous, compliments etc)

Now the question is, should I be doing this for a living?

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Farewell OC

I'm suffering from post-OC finale depression. It's very very very bad and I'm terribly upset. I know not alot of people are fans of this show. Not to mention avid crazy obsessed deranged ones like yours truly.

I miss the trademark Cohen humor.

I miss Seth's geeky-but-oh-so-endearing antics.

I miss Sandy's wits.

I miss Seth and Ryan's sarcastic exchanges.

I miss Seth and Summer's hilarious banters.

I miss the weird but sweet combination of Ryan and Taylor.

I miss the more-neurotic-than-me Taylor Townsend.

I miss Ryan Atwood's brooding eyes.

I miss the pretty clothes on Summer, Kaitlin and Taylor (and not forgetting the
show's very own fashionista Marissa).

I miss bagels with cream cheese.

I miss the diner.

I miss the black Range Rover.

I miss the pool house.

I miss the calming presence of Kirsten.

I miss the Sandy being the panacea.

I miss Julie Cooper and her out-of-this-world behavior.

I miss the Bait Shop.

I miss the lighthouse by the beach.

I miss Pancakes! (awww)

Yes I can go on forever. Why are there only 16 episodes for Season Four!? And why isn't there going to be a Season Five!!! Groans. I do not care if ratings are dropping in the US, you can't just terminate a show just like that. There's social responsibility to consider. Especially after you have been in my life for the past four years, you can't just leave like that :( :( :(

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Recently I found out that THE CHEESECAKE CAFE may be CLOSED!?!?!?! *thunder and lightning and horror :(

Now where am I supposed to go to satisfy my cravings for cheesecake and hazelnut-flavoured milk? :( :( :(

Yes, I am upset. Over cheesecake, nonetheless. You just need to take one bite and you won't think that I'm mad.

So when I was getting upset over this, I thought of something, or rather, someone else.

And I came up with this: Closure comes to you in the weirdest and most unexpected ways.


我也许喜欢想象你 不需要抱着你


我也许喜欢想象你 受不了真一起

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